Thoddak is an Oracle of the Air Spirits


S: 12 D: 14 C: 10 I: 13 W: 14 CHA: 18 Race: Human AL: CG HP:11
AC: 18 (Hide Armor, Hvy Wooden Shield); Touch AC: 12 Flat-Footed AC: 16
Fort: 0 Reflex: 2 Will: +4
BAB: 0 CMB: +1 CMD: 13 Init: +2
Morningstart +1 (1d8
Feats: Combat Casting, Toughness


I am the second son of Chingachkuk, great chief of the Arapahee people, a nomad tribe that live in the barren plains. Many looked to me to walk in my father’s footsteps, but my path has taken me away from freedom of the plains to the city streets.

Since I can remember, my dreams have haunted me. At first, I thought them only bad dreams. But dreams have a way of weaving into our reality. Dark spirits plague me from the other side of the spirit realm, the hunting grounds, where one day I shall be called to the great council fire of my people. These dark spirits hide things from me, moving objects and testing my patience.

I believe these spirits are attracted to me because of my affinity with the spirits of the air. The wind has always favored me. When I was born, a great and powerful storm swept across the plains, spawning a terrible cone of wind and lightning. As I was placed in my mothers arms, a great wind bore me from her, ripping the tent apart and flinging me into the air. My father, began a grim search, looking for a lost son. Instead, he found me carefully wrapped and sleeping.

I believe it was then that the spirits of the air showed me their first favor.
Since then I have felt their connection and sought their wisdom. When I call to the spirits, they answer. Above all they urge me to a life of freedom with no bounds. It is my nature to uplift those that cannot pick themselves up from the earth. Where evil spirits drive men towards darkness, I am to deliver the storm and free men from the dark and evil spirits of the earth.

Lightning Bolts become my swords,
as I hurl them from the skies.
Into my stinging rain
you’ll not survive to testify.
Look upon my valorous clouds
and know that you’ve been warned.
Behold Freedom’s Thunder,
Form I am the storm!


For the Love of the Princess Acelatem