Half-Elf Rogue


Wiam grew up in the Puddles Quarter of Absalom, where he was a member of a very minor thieve’s guild. His mother was also a thief, the one who taught him the beginnings of his craft. She was once part of an adventuring group, where she met his father an Elf. His mother said that day his father died was the day she stopped adventuring, instead focusing on her new son.

Wiam’s guild, which was more a group of friends than anything, would survive by stealing from those they considered “evil”. Perhaps their lack of a cutthroat attitude is what led to their downfall, or perhaps they were in the wrong place at the wrong time, but one day they were attacked by a rival guild called the Platinum Crows. The Crows hunted them for days, killing Wiam’s friend’s one by one. Wiam was the only one left when he managed to escape the city, but not before receiving a scar that crosses his face, from the top left down to his chin. Wiam doesn’t know if the Crows are still looking for him, but he is not in a position to find out.

For now, Wiam finds himself in the desert, heeding the call of those who might need his skills.


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