For the Love of the Princess

the Monastary

To pcs are tasked with clearinng out an old abandon Monastary.Only that place is not abandon as they soon find out as thyey near the the monastery all loooks deserted and quiet. so they decide to take a look inside and see…. Scrub brush and a light, patchy carpet of weeds invade the monastery through two huge fallen sections of the western wall. The exposed nave beyond is a huge hallway littered with bits of debris ranging from tiny rocks to enormous sections of collapsed masonry. Most of the roof above the long promenade is gone, but several jagged pillars remain.

The King

As the campaign begins, the player characters are mercenaries heading out into the northern scrublands of Katapesh on the camels of a patron named Garavel, the major domo of a merchant princess named Almah. Where they come from—events have conspired to mire them here, on the edge of nowhere, at the border between cracked-dirt scrubland and the treacherous Brazen Peaks. For The Love of the Princess is presented in five parts. In Part One, the player characters meet their patron, the merchant princess Almah, and get to know her party of guards, mercenaries, and associates while solving what appears to be a murder mystery. In the course of their investigations they discover the devious pugwampis, jackalheaded gremlins that trail ill fortune like a shadow.

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