basimah falak shadid

former slave with a strong faith


basimah falak shadid lvl 2 hp 12

18 4 15 2 10 8 14 2 14 2

saves forte 3 ref 2 will 5

favored class skill point bluff(7) diplomacy(7) intimidate(6 +1) knw dunge(5 +2 against monsters) perception(7) sense motive(7 +1) survival(6 +1) stealth(7 -3)

initiatave= +4

charming (You gain a +1 trait bonus when you use Bluff or Diplomacy on a character that is (or could be) sexually attracted to you, and a +1 trait bonus to the save DC of any language-dependent spell you cast on such characters or creatures.)

patient optimist (You gain a +2 trait bonus on Diplomacy checks to influence hostile or unfriendly creatures, and if you fail at such an attempt you may retry it once.)

two weapon fighting, point blank shot, weapon focus starknife cunning intiative- add wisdom to initiative checks, track, detect alignment stern gaze- bonus to sense motive and intimidate, monster lore- bonus to know monsters weaknesses,

+5/+5 1d4+4/1d4+2 melee two starknifes +7 1d4+4 melee one starknife (+5 1d6+4) short spear +6/+6 1d4+5/1d4+3 thrown two starknifes +8 1d4+5 thrown one starknife (+6 1d6+5) javelin

ac armor shield dex 10 +3 +2 +2 =17 15(no shield) f/f= 15/13(no shield) touch= 12

equipment: 2 starknifes 4 javelines studded leather short spear heavy wooden sheild material pouch 170 gold left


detect magic light daze guidance virtue 1st level spells (3 spontaneous) sheild of faith divine favor bless


Basimahs mother was the wife of a wealthy keleshite noble. when her husband found out she was pregnant he was overjoyed. weeks later, a Varisian man came to their house claiming it was his child that the young mother was pregnant with. the husband threw him out, though he was tempted to much more severe measures. the encounter had shaken him, he trusted his wife but some how he had to ask. when he returned to his wife he found her sobbing in their bedroom. he asked her what was wrong and before she knew what she was saying she had admitted to long and heated affair with the man who had come to their house. Her husband was furious, but couldn’t say no to his wifes pleading eyes. they kept the child as a house servant, a slave but at least she was protected from the harsh realities of chelaxian life.

the families secret remained just that for years until her true varisian father came to call demanding his daughter back. the father couldn’t handle the public humiliation he would face at the hands of this vagabond if his story ever left those walls, and so at the tender age of 9 she was sold in secret along the osirian black market rolled up in an heirloom rug.

her new master was a strange man. a kind merchant rich in many things. his faults were many, including his taste for women and numbers of trips to the brothels. he took a special interest in basimah, teaching her eticate and language as well as freely allowing her to come along on his trips to market. some servants thought his interest in her was mischievous and more than a bit taboo. truthfully he thought of her as a daughter, and her innocence allowed him to realize how empty his life really was. years later, when she was barely of age, he had worked himself into quite a lot of debt(too many courtesans, not enough wives). he found himself selling his possessions. it was his fondness for basimah that freed her. he let her and a kitchen boy named Alto run away on their own one night giving alto the speacial mission to look after her.

alto had barely been outside the walls of the great manor, but basimah had been to market many times. the two ran towards the big city to the east Ipeq. along the way the came across a seemingly abandoned building. it was simple, but beautiful, with a grand skylight that let the pair gaze off into the stars. she says she fell in love with the heavens that day. they woke up and were greeted by a simply dressed cleric of desna. he fed them and blessed them and sent them on their way. the reached the city and while attempted to find work. basimah was lucky to become a server at a pub, she worked for very little which made her invaluable to the owner. alto carved himself into the local street rats. he found himself soon working for some questionable people, but it was work, so he did it. the two frequently returned to temple( thought it took quite a bit of whining to get alto to tag along).they talk with the cleric, and to prayed to desna. alto for luck and money, basimah for a fulfilling life. in the end i suppose they both got what they asked for. alto continued to work on the streets, and gained a little luck at gambling. basimah, well she was to old to start study as a cleric. but the clergyman saw in her a natural divinity. and through some lucky contacts he allowed her to train to become a pathfinder. there her nack for divine spells truly shined, and she became what some call an inquisitor.

she is kind and charming and modest, very likable. she loves her faith and takes it seriously. now she wishes to travel. to find new things and maybe even some lost memories of her old life. she hasn’t seen alto since she left. and prayes daily for him and her former master. she has seen a whole new side of the world since becoming free, and realizes that she was very lucky. she very much wishes she could stop slavery, though she honestly beleives its far from her scope. maybe one day she can help others be free.( can add more to personality section later i think)

basimah falak shadid

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